Supermini Tour Guidato Della Città Veicolo D’epoca Fico Spalato

supermini tour guidato della città veicolo d'epoca fico spalato


When it comes to discovering the rich history and enchanting beauty of Split, Croatia, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in its culture than by embarking on a supermini tour guidato della città (guided city tour) in a vintage Fico Spalato. Split, with its ancient Roman heritage and stunning Adriatic coastline, offers a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty that can best be experienced with a touch of nostalgia. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of the Fico Spalato and explore why it’s the perfect vehicle for a captivating tour of this historic city.

The Fico Spalato: A Timeless Classic

The Fico Spalato, commonly known as the Zastava 750 or Yugo 45, is an iconic compact car produced by the Serbian car manufacturer Zavodi Crvena Zastava (Red Flag Factories) from 1955 to 1985. This diminutive automobile captured the hearts of millions across Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and its charm still endures today. Its association with Split, Croatia, and its nickname, “Spalato,” highlight the special connection it has with the city.

The Appeal of Vintage Vehicles

Vintage cars have an undeniable allure that transcends generations. Their timeless designs and mechanical simplicity evoke a sense of nostalgia and authenticity that modern vehicles often lack. When you combine this with the beauty and history of Split, you get a tour experience like no other.

The City of Split: A Living Museum

Split is a city that seamlessly blends the old and the new. At its heart lies Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in the 4th century AD. This monumental complex serves as a living museum, with modern life unfolding within its ancient walls. Strolling through its labyrinthine streets, one can discover a treasure trove of history, from stunning architecture to lively markets and bustling cafés.

Why Choose a Fico Spalato Guided Tour?

  1. Intimate Experience: The compact size of the Fico Spalato allows for an intimate tour experience. With a small group of fellow adventurers, you’ll navigate the narrow streets of Split with ease, immersing yourself in its vibrant atmosphere.
  2. Nostalgia Factor: Riding in a vintage Fico Spalato takes you back in time. The unmistakable aroma of aged leather, the purring of the engine, and the classic dashboard make you feel like you’re exploring Split as it appeared decades ago.
  3. Local Knowledge: Your tour guide, well-versed in Split’s history and culture, will provide invaluable insights and anecdotes about the city. They’ll take you to hidden gems and share stories that only a true local can.
  4. Eco-Friendly Option: In an age where sustainability is paramount, opting for a vintage Fico Spalato tour is an eco-friendly choice. These small, fuel-efficient cars have a minimal carbon footprint compared to larger modern vehicles.

The Tour Itinerary

A typical supermini tour guidato della città veicolo d’epoca Fico Spalato would include:

  1. Diocletian’s Palace: Begin your journey at this ancient palace, marveling at its grandeur and learning about its fascinating history.
  2. Riva Promenade: Cruise along the beautiful Riva promenade, taking in stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.
  3. Marjan Hill: Ascend Marjan Hill for panoramic views of Split and its surrounding islands, all while relishing the cool breeze and natural beauty.
  4. Historic Neighborhoods: Explore the charming neighborhoods of Veli Varoš and Matejuška, known for their picturesque streets and quaint houses.
  5. Local Cuisine: Enjoy a traditional Dalmatian lunch at a local restaurant, savoring delicious seafood and regional specialties.
  6. Museums and Galleries: Depending on your interests, you can visit museums like the Split Archaeological Museum or the Gallery of Fine Arts, delving deeper into Split’s cultural heritage.


A supermini tour guidato della città veicolo d’epoca Fico Spalato in Split is not just a tour; it’s an immersive journey through time and culture. The combination of a vintage vehicle, the historical significance of Split, and the expertise of a local guide creates an unforgettable experience. So, if you find yourself in this enchanting city, make sure to hop into a Fico Spalato and let it transport you on a unique adventure through Split’s past and present.